Advancing drug discovery research to create economic opportunities in Colorado




The Colorado Center for Drug Discovery (C2D2) secured additional funding from the State of Colorado’s OEDIT Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program.  C2D2 will receive $500K for 2014-2015 and an additional $250K in 2016.  The funds will be used to continue assisting in the discovery and preclinical development of novel drugs created at Colorado research institutions.






The Colorado Center for Drug Discovery (C2D2) is part of a State of Colorado-sponsored initiative to promote economic development through the advancement of bioscience research.  C2D2 is a unique preclinical drug discovery organization that is capable of advancing drug discovery programs through collaborative research.


"Chemical leads are discovered, drugs are invented"


In the quest to successfully discover and commercialize new drugs, two factors are paramount:  validation of the biological target and creation of chemical matter that elicit the desired response.  C2D2  creates the proprietary compounds for collaborators which are capable of advancing a project from genetic proof of concept to pharmacological reality.  The result is that researchers are more effective at attracting federal or commercial support for their programs.


C2D2 provides:  

  • Proof of Concept funding for PI based research on novel targets for human disease. These seed grants are selected on a yearly basis through a competitive, peer-reviewed proposal process.
  • Synthesis and or medicinal chemistry support including preparation of literature reference compounds, confirmation of screening leads, optimization of screening hits, development of new analogs, and scale up of compounds to support in vivo studies.
  • Access to a chemical libraries for screening (both a commercial library and a library derived from chemistry faculty)
  • Molecular modeling and computer-aided design
  • In vitro metabolism or in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) support



Spotlight on upcoming events:


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