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The Colorado Center for Drug Discovery (C2D2), invites researchers to submit small molecule drug discovery-related proposals to be considered for C2D2 support.  This RFP specifically targets investigators that have starting compounds (“hits or leads”) which require chemical synthesis and/or analog preparation. This program is an opportunity for collaborative, integrated research in biology and chemistry on structure-activity relationships (SAR) of novel compounds through an iterative and parallel optimization process.  In particular, investigators that could benefit from the following types of assistance are encouraged to apply:

  • Funding.  Up to $40,000 for PI/Co-PI lab-based biological research activities related to screening compounds against novel targets of human disease.
  • Synthesis and/or medicinal chemistry support to advance ongoing drug discovery efforts. Includes preparation of literature compounds, structural confirmation of screening hits, analog design and synthesis, as well as lead compound scale up expansion through molecular modeling techniques.
  • In vitro metabolism or in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK)/pharmacological support. Examples of support include metabolism studies, permeability, and rodent PK studies.


Please note that projects related to the following topics are beyond the current scope of the solicitation and will not be considered:

  • Target identification or validation (e.g. knock-in/knock-out studies)
  • High-throughput screening projects
  • siRNA-related projects
  • Vaccines or biologics (peptides, proteins, or monoclonal antibodies)



Key 2015 dates
At the present time, C2D2 is not accepting proposals.



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